About Consulting Unboxed

You’re an amazing business woman, but you can’t keep all the plates spinning and have time to grow your business. You need to transform your business and you need to see radical results—now!

Consulting Unboxed can help, whether you hit roadblocks in sales growth, new product development, profitability, scaling technology, building a team, managing your books, or any other operational process or task.

We focus on making sure your business runs smoothly so you can focus on leading it to success. After all, if your business isn’t operating well—if some of your plates are falling—you won’t have anything to lead!

We work with women entrepreneurs who want to change the world in some way. If you have a purpose we can get behind, we’re all in!

About Gineane Haberlin

Project and Operations Manager

GineaneFenceWeb-201x300-201x210-7199Gineane has spent decades as a project manager for high tech hardware & software companies and has created innovative processes for both startups and small businesses. She finds or develops technical, design, and process solutions that streamline companies’ operations and help them reach their target audiences (so they can make money).

She has a solid track record of success in developing and implementing successful program and product launches for a wide variety of companies. She is also highly experienced in implementing websites, social media, product management systems, curriculum development, and web-based technical assistance.

Gineane is a long-term thinker who has a unique ability to recommend solutions that will be successful long-term but also that address immediate technical needs.

She’s a fixer. Her goal is to fix what ails your business so you can free yourself from the day-to-day and focus on coming up with your next big idea instead. She’s a handy girl to have on your team!

As a business owner, Gineane has a unique understanding of what holistic and small business clients go through … been there, done that!

Things to Know About Gineane…

  1. Gineane tries really hard to not make everything into a to-do list. Really. She does. And she’s mostly successful at it. Sort of. Okay .. not really. Nothing to see here, move along.
  2. She has been working remotely and managing virtual teams since long before it became the cool thing to do.
  3. Gineane is a Master Herbalist and the owner of Botanical Coach where she offers education and private consultation on traditional medicine, natural health, and healthy living.


About Meg Gehan

Certified Online Business Manager

meg-205x210-3986Meg Gehan is a Certified Online Business Manager with a knack for taking the reins of small businesses and helping them grow.

She uses her knowledge of systems, technology, marketing, and psychology to successfully maintain the day-to-day functioning and long term planning and project implementation of our clients’ businesses.

Meg is the go-to girl for all things implementation, including teams and tools. She excels at finding just the right creative approach to exceed each customer’s needs.

Her experience as a virtual assistant enables her to provide Consulting Unboxed clients with the technical assistance, branding expertise, outreach marketing, and product development help they need to grow.

Meg has a unique appreciation of what it takes to be a small business owner… been there, done that!

Things to Know About Meg…

  1. Meg thrives in chaos. With every job she’s ever had, she’s been tossed into the fire and landed on both feet. She prefers to have a long list of tasks to do and finds downtime at work to be stressful.
  2. She became a Certified Online Business Manager after gaining experience as a virtual assistant through her company, Outside the Box Marketing.
  3. Meg has a Master’s degree in social work and spent the first half of her career in the nonprofit world of social work.


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