You love your business, BUT…


You’re exhausted and tired of doing EVERYTHING on your own


You want to grow and do more, but don’t know how


Running your business on a daily basis is preventing you from doing what you love


All of the above?

You sound ready to hire someone to help you in your business!

Start with our ‘How to Hire a VA’ training guide!

We will walk you through step-by-step:


Determining if you can afford or need to hire a VA


Figuring out what type of VA you want to hire


Finding a VA – best places to look for one


Interviewing potential VAs


Setting up the relationship so it’s a success

Who Are We?

We are VAs / Online Business Managers AND own our own businesses so we’ve been on BOTH sides. We have the inside track on what VAs want and need as well as knowing how challenging it can be to find that person you trust with your business.

Meg Gehan

Meg Gehan has been a tech VA/manager for 8+ years. She uses her knowledge of systems, technology, marketing, and psychology to maintain the daily functioning, long term planning, and project implementation of her clients’ businesses.

Gineane Haberlin has spent decades streamlining companies’ operations, technology, systems, website, social media and products to reach their target audiences (so they can make money).

Wondering What Value a VA Can Bring to Your Business and Life?

Spending most of your time doing administrative work, bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, setting up your calendar, interfacing with clients that ask the same questions over and over again?  Feeling like you have to do it all yourself but at the same time – how could you POSSIBLY?  Not sure how you could make ends meet if you paid an assistant to help you?

I felt all of these things and taking the leap to hire Meg Gehan, as my Virtual Assistant is one of the best strategies I’ve chosen for my business. It may not be easy to see how to turn over tasks that you’re used to doing yourself (one step at a time, with training and patience) or how to pay for an assistant when you’re barely making ends meet (this is one of those myths that keep entrepreneurs stuck in a cycle of deficit), or what to do with all of your free time once you have someone by your side (well that’s easy…more time at the gym, going out with your sweetie, or for taking a nap!) — but I will tell you up and down, inside and out, it’s THE BEST business decision I made in the last 9 years.

Imagine not having to do the business tasks that drive you crazy!  Not having to answer the same questions over and over again?  Not having to keep track of payments, refunds, your calendar, scheduling tele summits, speaker engagements and the information they need before you show up, weekly newsletters, and so much more.  I turn that and more over to my assistant and guess what?  Now my time is free to work on the things I LOVE to work on; and to show up for my clients and students relaxed and filled up.  I get to do what I do best and Meghan gets to do what she does best.

I couldn’t recommend Meg and her team higher! The have helped me create a successful business and I’m grateful beyond words.

Robyn Vogel

CEO and Coach, Come Back to Love, Inc.

‘How to Hire a VA’ is a four-part training guide, complete with activities and guidance, to prepare and assist you in finding that skilled individual who will help you grow your business.

Part 1

You’ll establish if a VA is the right decision right now. We’re going to make you dig deep to take a look at your life and evaluate those excuses that have kept you doing it solo.


Part 2

You’ll determine what type of VA you need and what they will do for you. Yes, this is where we make some lists and complete activities to lighten the load you’re under.

Part 3

We’re going to tell you where to find a VA, get you ready to interview and even tell you the keys to making the relationship work. We’ll let you know what pitfalls to avoid and what your future VA wants and needs.

Part 4

You’ve hired that extra hand! Now what? We will walk you through what to do next so you to start this new relationship on the right foot.

You’ve been working alone for so long which can be stressful and exhausting.


Let us help you find that person who can take some of that weight off your shoulders.

And you can go back to doing what you love and spending time with those you love. Cause you don’t have to be EVERYTHING in your business. You just need to do what you excel at and love to do. Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?

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